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More Clients in Your District

We run award-winning ad campaigns to facilitate connections between attorneys and potential clients. If a prospective client contacts us, we arrange a consultation with you if they are in your district.

Your Personal Attorney Page

We create a personal attorney page for you and your law firm for people to find you online.  This page showcases your expertise and best cases you’ve taken, as well as a way for clients to book a consultation directly with you.

Brand Awareness for You and Your Law Firm

Being listed in our directory offers numerous benefits, including more clients, increased brand awareness, backlinks to your website, potential podcasts, and video conversations with us, all aimed at helping prospects in need find you. Our team will also showcase your work on our websites and through social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Assisted Attorney & Client Support

Our team will consistently remain a valuable resource for both you and the defendant. Through our blogs, books, podcasts, and social media channels, we aim to educate audiences on how to effectively prepare for a government investigation. Our focus is on empowering the defendant to advocate for themselves.