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Distinguished Criminal Defense Expertise: Alan Eisner, Esq.

Alan Eisner, Esq., with over 31 years of experience, is a leading figure in criminal defense, dedicated to defending individuals against severe criminal charges. His tenure is marked by a steadfast commitment to achieving justice for his clients, demonstrated through his remarkable track record of successfully navigating complex legal challenges.

Specialized Certification and Recognition

Eisner’s expertise is validated by his status as a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, granted by the California State Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization. This honor, held for over two decades, underscores his exceptional proficiency in criminal defense, recognized by peers, prosecutors, and judges alike.

Comprehensive Legal Practice

Eisner’s legal acumen spans a broad spectrum of criminal law, including high-profile felony and misdemeanor cases. His proactive engagement at every stage of legal proceedings demonstrates his commitment to client advocacy and the pursuit of fair treatment within the judicial system.

Firm Commitment to Client Defense

Eisner and his team are renowned for their zealous advocacy, ensuring clients’ rights and freedoms are secured. Their holistic approach focuses on achieving favorable outcomes, from arraignment to appeals, while ensuring fairness and dignity within the justice system.

Professional Background and Affiliations

Eisner holds a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley, and a J.D. from Loyola Law School. Admitted to the California Bar in 1986, he transitioned from the Los Angeles Deputy Public Defender’s Office to establish his practice, engaging extensively with the criminal defense community.

A Lifeline in Challenging Times

Eisner’s representation goes beyond a professional obligation; it’s a personal mission to guide clients through the ordeal of criminal accusations, restoring peace and justice to their lives. This dedication makes Alan Eisner, Esq., a beacon of hope and resilience in the legal landscape.

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