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TopWCA assists individuals in hiring or replacing their lawyer, leveraging extensive experience and insights from thousands of cases and sentencing hearings.

Schedule a call if you’re charged with a crime, facing white-collar charges, unhappy with your lawyer, can’t afford your attorney, or under investigation. Don’t call if you have no budget or aren’t involved in a legal matter.

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Engage with top white-collar attorneys who embrace documented and proven sentencing strategies to help secure the shortest sentence possible. 

About Us

Work With World- Class Attorneys

Collaborate with the nation’s top attorneys, who are dedicated to comprehensively understanding your case and advocating for the most favorable outcome.

Our Process

Hiring Your Attorney Made Easy​

Finding the right attorney for you can be difficult and exhausting. However, we have a process to place you with the top White Collar Attorneys in the country.

Free Evaluation

Our initial step involves providing you with a free evaluation and assessing your current situation, identifying any legal challenges you’re encountering, and determining whether you’re already collaborating with an attorney who can achieve optimal outcomes for you.

Select an Attorney

Next comes the step of selecting one of the top white collar attorneys in your area who’s partnered with WCA to help give you the best possible outcome for your case.


Once you are working with a world-class white collar attorney, we act. In collaboration with your counsel, our team develops a comprehensive strategy to achieve your goals that complements and enhances conventional defense and mitigation strategies.

The Best Outcome

Our goal is to support you and your counsel in achieving your goals.  This is why we have hand-selected the top white collar attorneys and will work with them through the course of your investigation and trial. You will not have left anything undone in the pursuit of your freedom and liberty.

Best Outcomes

How do we achieve the best possible outcomes?

TopWCA not only helps you find the best white collar attorneys in the nation, but we walk you through the entire process step by step.

Before Sentencing

WCA builds mitigation strategies to help your judge understand why you’re a worthy candidate for leniency.

After Sentencing

We help with your candidacy for administrative or judicial relief after your judge imposes the initial sentence and qualify for programs that bring you home early.

Administrative Relief

Work with you to help develop an understanding of the Bureau of Prisons after sentencing and assist you on how to qualify for the earliest possible release, with templates and guidance at every step of the stage.

Case Studies

Why People Choose Topwca

Check out our case studies and why people want to work with the best White Collar Attorneys in the nation.


More Than Just an Attorney

Collaborative Team Effort

WCA helps you pick and work with your Attorney through the entire legal process.

Step By Step Navigation

Going down this path alone can be scary and uncertain, but we are here for you every step of the way.

Advocacy with Help

It can be difficult to advocate for yourself and with the right people. With TopWCA, this is no longer a problem.

Recognized by Global Media

WCA and Prison Professors have gained global recognition from international media, highlighting the federal prison system and individuals affected by justice.

Giving Back

10% Goes back to helping impacted individuals

We’re committed to contributing to the community and offering those affected a fresh start in life, which led us to establish our non-profit, Prison Professors. To support this mission, 10% of all proceeds from TopWCA are allocated to assist Justice-Impacted Individuals in preparing for their release and gaining insight into our legal system.

Prison Professors
Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? we’ve got answers

Still have questions or concerns? don’t hesitate to reach out!

What is TopWCA?

TopWCA represents the nation’s premier white-collar attorneys, specializing in securing minimal sentences for clients. Our approach focuses on developing essential assets to positively influence all decision-makers involved in your case.

Is TopWCA a law firm?

No, we are not a law firm. However, we collaborate with the nation’s leading attorneys and law firms to assist you in selecting the one that best meets your needs. We then work directly with them to guide you through the entirety of your case, ensuring you feel supported at every step.

How are these the best attorney's?

The attorneys at TopWCA are carefully selected for their collaborative efforts with the WCA team to create effective strategies and implement the best mitigation efforts, aiming to secure the lowest possible sentences for our clients.

Do you only specialize in white collar cases?

No, we handle all types of cases. The attorneys at TopWCA are equipped to manage any legal issue, including drug-related offenses and other types of crimes. Whatever your case may be, we can assist.

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