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We connect people with the worlds best white collar Attorneys

Connect with top white collar attorneys globally. Recieve the best legal representation, advice, and support tailored to your needs for the best outcomes.

We've helped thousands navigate and fight for their justice with unparalleled results.


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Our journey

TopWCA is committed to achieving the highest level of justice for each individual. Our platform facilitates connections between clients and elite attorneys, working alongside our WCA team to construct robust resources for thorough case management.

Our mission

Delivering the highest form of justice for our clients

Your freedom is paramount, and we’re dedicated to deploying all necessary resources to secure it. At TopWCA, we assemble the right team to champion your cause and ensure your liberty.

Our values

Advocacy with the right team

Advocating for yourself with your lawyers and government officials doesn’t have to be done alone.


We help provide innovative ways to deal with mitigation, sentencing, investigations, and more.


Our team maintains your integrity while concentrating on the core issues.

Mitigation Focused

Our goal is to help you mitigate at every step of the process without compromising you in any way.


The team who fights for your justice

Justin Paperny Co-Founder
Michael Santos Co-Founder
Alec Burlakoff Sales Director
Patty Westmoreland Business Development
Forrest Behne Administrative Professional