Bridging Justice and Rehabilitation with Education

Prison Professors Charitable Corporation champions a future where justice and rehabilitation unite, providing innovative educational support to those affected by the criminal justice system.

Giving Back

Giving Back To Those Impacted By Incarceration

Prison Professors Charitable Corp (PPCC) creates educational content for hundreds of thousands of justice-impacted individuals in prisons and jails across America. PPCC’s course, “Preparing for Success After Prison,” is a First Step Act approved course within the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Partnering with us at TopWCA supports the mission to help prepare justice-impacted people for contributing, law-abiding lives upon release.

10% is Given Back

TopWCA contributes 10% of all its proceeds to support justice-impacted individuals, reinvesting in the community.


Our First Step Act Program

In 2023, the Bureau of Prisons Reentry Services Division approved our program as a Productive Activity. Those who qualify for First Step Act credits advance release dates by earning credits.

Reentry Success

Together with others, we worked to change laws and policies to help people coming out of prison succeed through programs designed for them.

Recognized by global media

WCA and Prison Professors have gained global recognition from international media, highlighting the federal prison system and individuals affected by justice.

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