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Distinguished Criminal Defense Expertise: Peter Hardin

Peter Hardin, a former U.S. Marine Corps Judge Advocate, brings over 15 years of legal experience to his practice. Specializing in cybercrime, healthcare fraud, and financial institution fraud, he defends clients with insights gained from his combat experience and tenure as a Deputy District Attorney.

Specialized Certification and Recognition

Hardin, a member of the California Bar Association and Orange County Bar Association, is deeply rooted in his community. Dedicated to serving veterans and civic organizations, he prioritizes advocacy and community engagement.

Comprehensive Legal Practice

Hardin’s practice spans various criminal matters, including antitrust, embezzlement, and drug offenses. Representing individuals, businesses, and companies under investigation, he handles a diverse range of cases, from environmental crimes to securities fraud.

Firm Commitment to Client Defense

As the lead partner in Adkisson Pitet’s white-collar criminal defense practice, Hardin partners with Baird Mandalas Brockstedt Federico & Cardea LLC, advocating for veterans impacted by toxic water exposure at Camp Lejeune. Guiding clients through complex legal processes, he ensures fair treatment and justice.

Educational and Professional Milestones

A graduate of The George Washington University Law School, Hardin served as a Judge Advocate in the U.S. Marine Corps, attaining the rank of Captain. His combat experience and legal expertise equip him to handle high-stakes cases with precision and dedication.

A Lifeline in Challenging Times

Hardin’s experience spans federal and state criminal and civil investigations, representing clients before various government agencies. From conducting internal investigations to preparing for trial, he navigates complex legal landscapes with integrity and diligence.



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