Case Study

Dr. Brett Nadel: From 36 Months to 14 Months


Reduction in Sentence

Acknowledged for Personal Transformation

Focused on Future Success

As a successful healthcare professional, I never imagined I would find myself facing legal trouble. My dedication to my patients and my career was unwavering, but I made a series of poor decisions that led to my indictment for mail fraud. Initially sentenced to 36 months, I was devastated and unsure of how to move forward.

Finding White Collar Advice (WCA) was a turning point. Justin Paperny’s videos and materials provided me with the insight and tools needed to navigate the federal justice system. I realized the importance of taking responsibility and proactively preparing for sentencing.

With WCA’s guidance, I crafted a personal narrative that delved into my background, my dedication to my profession, and my genuine remorse for my actions. This narrative, supported by character reference letters, helped to humanize me in the eyes of the court.

On the day of my sentencing, the judge acknowledged the effort I had put into my personal development and the positive changes I had made. Instead of serving the full 36 months, I was released after 14 months, thanks to my acceptance into the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) and my good behavior.

The experience taught me invaluable lessons about accountability and personal growth. Today, I am rebuilding my career and focusing on helping others through my work and community service. The support and guidance from WCA were instrumental in my journey, and I am forever grateful.