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Dr. Nate Schott:
Strategic Self-Advocacy in White-Collar Defense


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When I first learned I was caught up in a government investigation, the fear was palpable. It threatened not just my career in healthcare but nearly every aspect of my life. Facing a potential sentence of 63 months in prison was daunting, to say the least. Yet, with a strong strategy of self-advocacy and invaluable guidance from White Collar Advice, I managed to reduce my sentence to 33 months, and even more incredibly, I served only 10 months. 

Realizing the gravity of my situation, I turned to White Collar Advice. Even though I already had lawyers, what I needed was to understand how to steer my case myself—to ensure I could hold my counsel accountable and ask the right questions. White Collar Advice didn’t replace my lawyers; instead, they armed me with the knowledge and tools necessary to advocate for myself effectively.

One of the most impactful strategies we employed was crafting a personal narrative for the probation officer assigned to my case. Initially, my legal team had doubts about the value of such a strategy. But the folks at White Collar Advice were confident about the impact of proactive self-advocacy. They helped me put together a narrative that did more than list facts—it told my story, showing me as a person, not just a case number. This wasn’t just about playing on emotions; it was about giving a complete picture of who I am, beyond the charges against me.

The effect of this approach was more significant than I had hoped. It played a crucial role in drastically reducing my sentence—from an overwhelming 63 months to a more manageable 33 months. Thanks to some other favorable factors, I was back home after serving just a fraction of that time. I credit this victory to the work I did to prepare, specifically presenting a compelling personal story to those who have considerable sway over your future.

This experience taught me the importance of a defense strategy that blends self-advocacy with expert guidance. Having lawyers willing to adopt innovative approaches and advice from White Collar Advice was key. Together, we managed to navigate through a challenging legal landscape to secure a result that far exceeded my initial hopes.

My experience is a reminder of how vital it is to be proactive and involved in your defense. By sharing my story, I hope to show others in similar situations the potential to influence their outcomes by engaging personally and authentically in their defense strategy. It’s not just about finding good lawyers; it’s about working with them to ensure your side of the story is heard loud and clear and presented in a way that will appeal to the decision-makers in your case.

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