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Gary Hansen:
Through Accountability to Transformation


Lower than Guideline Range


More Prepared than Normal Individual


Additional Assets Added

Approaching the situation with both trepidation and hope, I knew finding the right lawyer was critical. Represented by Diane Bass, a distinguished attorney renowned for her acumen in white-collar crime defense and listed in Topwca’s prominent legal directory, I felt optimistic. Diane’s deep understanding of sentencing mitigation was fundamental in developing a defense strategy aimed at reducing my potential prison time while emphasizing rehabilitation and personal growth. 


At the heart of my defense was a comprehensive personal narrative, alongside character reference letters and an allocution statement. Carefully crafted, this document told my story in my own words, allowing me to demonstrate a commitment to the process that distinguished me from other defendants. They depicted me as a human being, fully aware of my mistakes and earnestly committed to making amends. In a heartfelt letter to Judge Freeman, I expressed my remorse for evading personal and business taxes, clearly stating my responsibility for my actions and my intent to rectify the harm caused. 


My narrative delved deep into my background, offering insights into a life marked by both privilege and profound challenges. I shared stories of my stable, loving upbringing contrasted with youthful trauma and the personal struggles that followed. These experiences, I explained, led me to stray from the values instilled in me during my youth. Despite these hurdles, I emphasized my efforts to reflect on my actions, understand the purpose of criminal punishment, and engage in a genuine process of rehabilitation. 


The collaboration between Diane Bass and a team of sentencing mitigators was pivotal in crafting this potent defense strategy. Recognizing the value of comprehensive sentencing mitigation, Diane worked closely with the team to ensure every aspect of my defense was meticulously planned and aligned with the goal of securing a just and lenient sentence. 


The culmination of these efforts was a plea agreement that not only significantly reduced the potential years of imprisonment I faced but also facilitated a process of deep introspection and personal growth. This agreement allowed me to confront my mistakes head-on and commit to a path of restitution and rehabilitation. The narrative and collaborative efforts of my legal team highlighted the importance of accountability, the power of personal transformation, and the potential for legal strategies that prioritize comprehensive storytelling and genuine remorse. 


The story of how I navigated this chapter of my life is a roadmap to others for how collaboration between a dedicated attorney and a detailed sentencing mitigation strategy can lead to substantially mitigated outcomes. Attorneys like Diane Bass navigate the intricacies of white-collar defense with both compassion and a keen understanding of the human elements at play. Doing so allowed me to return to the people I love with a deeper understanding of myself. That self-knowledge has been invaluable in rebuilding my life at the conclusion of this case.

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