Case Study

Joseph DeGregorio:
A Lesson in Effective Crisis Management for White Collar Investigations


Lower than Guideline Range


More Prepared than Normal Individual


Additional Assets Added

When authorities began to investigate me, I got nervous. I looked for information on Google. That research led me to the YouTube channel for White Collar Advice. I reached out. 


Since I’d never been in trouble, everything felt overwhelming. I didn’t even know how to choose a defense attorney. Every attorney boasted a five-star rating. I didn’t know what to believe.


Justin and his team helped. They arranged interviews with three attorneys in the Southern District of New York. Of those three, I felt most comfortable with Nicholas Kaizer, so I hired him.


The attorney looked out for me in court. But my life was a mess and I needed more guidance.


My team at White Collar Advice helped me write my personal story. Too traumatized to write on my own, we worked together to detail every relevant aspect of my life, health, career, and the circumstances surrounding the case. That was the first step in restoring my sense of balance and putting this ordeal behind me.


My attorney appreciated the collaboration. It gave him more insights into my life, and he used that story to work more effectively with the prosecutor.


Despite a guideline range of 41 to 51 months in federal prison, I received a sentence of just a year and a day–far less than the request by the prosecutor.


I surrendered to federal prison on November 17, 2022, and the BOP released me on March 14, 2023. My release plan compelled my probation officer to transfer me to a low-intensity caseload (LIC) in February 2024. 


Based on my outcome, I joined the team at White Collar Advice. Now, I get to help other people who are in similar situations. I try to show them that if they put a good plan together, they can restore confidence and strength, just as I did.