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Collaboration With Diane Bass Leads To Shorter Prison Terms

Top WCA Attorney, Diane Bass

Achieving the best outcome in federal court requires dedicated work over a prolonged period. It necessitates not only having an excellent lawyer but also working effectively with them—being open and transparent at every step.

In this short blog, I wish to share about a particularly special relationship with Diane Bass, a friend and one of the best lawyers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Located in Orange County, Diane handles cases throughout California. Whenever I need assistance outside of the state, she’s my first call for a reliable referral.

Diane is a remarkable attorney because of her genuine care for her clients. She actively listens, personally invests in understanding their situations, and encourages them from day one to introspect and think deeply about how they got involved in a government investigation. This introspection is vital—it allows Diane to advocate passionately and precisely, ensuring she’s equipped with all the necessary information to negotiate and support her clients effectively. (I am filming a live YouTube video this week highlighting the consequences of a defendant who failed to work openly with their lawyer.)

I first met Diane in 2014 when my business partner, Michael Santos, introduced us. Her appreciation for our team’s expertise and her receptiveness to new ideas impressed me. Unlike some lawyers who are resistant to outside ideas, Diane puts her ego aside and embraces ideas that can help her client get the shortest federal prison sentence possible!

Some lawyers remain rigid in their approaches, which can undermine their client’s interests.

For instance, a Midwest lawyer I recently spoke with refused to provide a personal narrative to a probation officer, despite the benefits our team has heard directly from Federal Judges.

Diane Bass however, embraces such strategies, presuming her client delivers the right message. This openness has led to significant victories, such as a recent case where a client faced a suggested 87 months but received only 46. Furthermore, I’ve recently did a YouTube video with Diane (posting soon!) featuring a client of hers convicted at trial. The mitigation led to the judge in Riverside sentencing him to time served, whereas the government had sought 57 months.

I am proud to endorse and support Diane’s work.

Our team has referred numerous clients to her, and she has consistently performed exceptionally, helping individuals navigate a new, foreign world.

If you are looking for a lawyer in Orange County, look no further than Diane Bass. Her compassion and dedication are unmatched.

Diane, if you’re reading this, thank you for over a decade of exceptional partnership and for your continuous dedication to those facing unfathomable challenges. You are not only a superb attorney but a good friend.


Justin Paperny

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