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From Chaos to Clarity: The Benefits of Choosing a TopWCA Attorney

“I am scared, Justin. I hired a lawyer who said he would prepare me for my proffer, but the proffer is just over a day away and we have no plan to meet. I am scared, have no idea what to say, how to respond to hundreds of questions from the government. I cannot sleep, I cannot eat. I am not ready. Can I cancel, or will they arrest me or something? Can I cancel? Is that allowed? What do I do? This is awful.”

A new client shared these concerns with me over dinner, just hours after hiring us.

This situation underscores the consequences of not thoroughly vetting a white-collar defense attorney. Yet, this is exactly why TopWCA exists: to help, to change the course, and to make a crisis more manageable.

The Importance of Taking Action and Pivoting

I admire those willing to take action and pivot when necessary. And that is precisely what our client did. Over dinner, with my guidance, she emailed her lawyer:

“I am not ready for this proffer. We have not spent one single minute preparing. I will only make matters worse. Cancel it.”

The lawyer responded immediately, apologized for not preparing her, and agreed to delay the proffer. This swift action provided some immediate relief but highlighted a crucial step she had missed initially: thoroughly vetting her attorney.

The Power of Proper Vetting

Determined to avoid repeating the same mistake, our client took the necessary steps to find a more reliable and experienced lawyer. With our assistance, she interviewed Peter Hardin, a TopWCA lawyer. She was well-prepared with pointed questions:

  • Can you share successful outcomes from similar cases?
  • How will you prepare me for the proffer?
  • How will your experience as a former prosecutor help or hurt me?
  • Do you know the AUSA and the judge involved in my case?
  • What are your thoughts on mitigation?
  • Will you agree to a fixed fee?

Peter took the time to answer her questions, provide insights into the next steps, and laid out a comprehensive plan. He also agreed to a payment plan and to offset his fee by the amount our client had already paid to her previous lawyer.

Having a Plan and Trusted Advocates

Going through a crisis is undoubtedly challenging, and it becomes even harder without a plan or trusted advocates by your side. While our client is just beginning her journey, she now takes comfort in knowing she has a plan, a guide, and an expert who is both skilled and compassionate.

Hire the Right Lawyer

The takeaway from this story is clear: hire the right lawyer. Proper vetting can make all the difference in your journey. TopWCA can help by connecting you with experienced and dedicated lawyers ready to support you through every step of your case.

Facing a proffer meeting or any part of a government investigation is hard, but you can navigate it successfully with the right preparation and support.

If you are in a similar situation, remember it’s never too late to start making better decisions, as our client did.

If you have questions or need help, schedule a call here.

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